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Here’s to One Year!

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Stephen and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday. Can’t believe it’s already been one year!


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wedding photos courtesy of jasmineleephotography.com

My mom kept an eye on Evey so we could enjoy some alone time together. (The first since she was born!) We enjoyed a nice dinner together at home of slow-cooked lamb in red wine sauce with creme de choufleur on the side.

anniversary table

We finally got a chance to use our beautiful wine glasses gifted to us by one of my bridesmaids and her husband. We hadn’t used them previously because I was unable to drink wine for a while when we found out I was pregnant shortly after we returned from our honeymoon.

wedding glass

We drank the wine we picked up at a restaurant in Rome while on our honeymoon. It was merely the restaurant’s table wine but we enjoyed it so much we decided to bring home a bottle for our anniversary celebration. It was surprisingly delicious after sitting in our dark closet for a year despite temperature changes and such.

rosso vino

My mom did a fantastic job preserving our wedding cake top that my dear friend, Emma, had made for us. We pulled it out of the freezer last night to enjoy it. The carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was every bit as delicious as it was the day it was made (albeit frozen)!

wedding cake top

I love this man so much!! I pray we are able to enjoy many more years together. <3

first wedding anniversary

2 Thoughts on “Here’s to One Year!

  1. I remember carrying that tier of cake in the car! I’m amazed it survived the ride, no less a year of freezing ; ) Happy Anniversary to you both!

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