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Happy Easter!

Our Easter Sunday was beautiful from start to finish.

Easter morning 1

Easter morning 2

Easter morning 3

Evelyn woke up to a basket of {wooden} Easter eggs and a little Easter book (which, to her, is better for chomping on than reading).

Easter morning 4

We had planned on attending an early Easter Mass but, instead, had a nice, leisurely breakfast of eggs, bacon, and chocolate coconut scones first before heading to church.

Evelyn Easter 1

Evelyn Easter 2

Evelyn Easter 3

All were dressed in their Easter finest before exiting the house. In addition to her new butterfly dress, Evelyn wore her new shoes for the first time — her ‘princess glass slippers’! 😉

Muff family Easter

We enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner at Stephen’s parents’ house, including a visit with Uncle Eric and Aunt Lindy who were in town from San Francisco, and some of Lindy’s extended family who came up for the day.

Aunt Lindy eats toes

Lindy, Eric, Evey Easter

giggle with Lindy

giggle with Lindy 2

Evelyn took a real liking to Lindy’s brother, Danny. They were walking about, wiggling noses, and bouncing all over the place!

Danny and Evelyn 1

Danny and Evelyn 2

standing Evey

We stopped by my parents’ on the way home to say hello. (We’ll be celebrating Easter with them this coming Sunday.) They were with my grandfather, comforting him, as all are preparing to say goodbye to my grandmother soon who is very ill and dying in the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers.

Easter tulips

A happy and holy Easter to all, from the Muffs!

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