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Halloween Toddler Play

E the Pooh

Is a week too long to wait to share with you our Halloween? I don’t think so, and I couldn’t resist filling your feed with at least a few photos of Evelyn{Winnie} the Pooh Bear and her sidekick, Tigger.  😉

L the Tigger


We went to the Fall Fest at the school where I used to work the night before Halloween. Evelyn had a blast (albeit a tad overwhelmed) participating in all the carnival games and activities. They chose an Alice in Wonderland theme that was equally cute//creepy. Part of their display includes a well-thought out and executed haunted house. Let’s just say, I never thought of flowers as nightmarish before.

Pooh and Tigger with daddy

face painting

We tried out the “toss the ping pong ball into the teacup” game. Evelyn thought she was supposed to play fetch with the teachers across the room attempting to catch the errant balls. {Sorry, ladies, that my daughter was your means of exercise for the evening.} Steve wanted to know why the cups weren’t filled with beer. I think it would be a good suggestion for next year for all the parents who make it through the exercise.

tea cup ping pong


chalk painting

Her favorite activity of the evening was the cake walk. And it wasn’t because of the cake reward. For some reason, this girl really likes to walk in circles. There is an activity at her dance class where the teacher puts dots down onto the floor in a circle and the kids are supposed to walk, run, etc. on them while a song plays. Well, Evey attempts to re-create this scene daily with her books, down to the “stay there, dot” mantra that her teacher says while placing each one down in an attempt to keep the kids from running off with them. The cake walk was a souped-up version of this. We skipped, hopped, ran, twirled for half an hour, round and round, and when her card was drawn, she did not care. She just wanted to keep walking. Her cousin, Owen, knew what was up — he ate all the frosting off his cake and left the rest for his dad.


Panda and Pooh

Halloween night was cold and rainy. We haven’t seen cold weather in these parts for months and, of course, it arrives with a vengeance on Halloween night. We managed to find a break in the rain and scurried around the neighborhood with a bucket that was about half Evelyn’s size.

rainy Halloween

trick or treat Pooh

Despite offers to assist her with it, she carried it the whole way. She did an excellent job with her “trick-or-treats” and “thank yous,” especially for someone who is not quite two. Although, we did try to go into a few peoples houses with hostesses we liked.

with daddy on Halloween

sugared Pooh

Her favorite thing, though, was handing out the candy at our door to the flood of trick-or-treaters who came by. (They really upped their game this year.) She was at the door before they rang the bell and carefully dropped a treat into each person’s bag. {One thing I have to highly recommend: get some treats for young children. I picked up a box of Goldfish crackers and I had several people thank me for having something that their toddlers could eat. You could do fruit snacks too.}

the gang with mama

daddy and L

Lucie just enjoyed being outside, wrapped snuggly against mama, and looking at the trees. Or chilling with daddy on the couch. 🙂

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