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When I was pregnant with Evelyn, I craved fruit all.the.time. Sure, I liked a piece of fruit now and then before, but I wanted some of that sweet fructose every hour when she was in my belly.

peaches 1

Well, I’m starting to understand why.

peaches 2

This girl can put away fruit like it is her job.

peaches 3

I thought strawberries were her favorite {like me!!} but she’s been doing a number on the peaches lately.

peaches 4

I don’t know if she just likes to roll with the seasons {that would be too perfect} or if she’s just not picky as long as she has a piece of fruit in her hand.

peaches 5

peaches 6

On a particularly hot day a few weeks ago, I let her have-at-it with a peach from our tree. She was in ‘fruit heaven’ from the first bite to the last.

peaches 7

peaches 8

peaches 9

With easy clean up in the kiddie pool. 🙂

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