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For Life


It felt like a punch to the gut.

A woman walked past with an empty stroller, save a black cloth draped across the top and a sign that read “I regret my abortion.”

The tears fell instantly.

The emptiness. That soul that should have been here, but was returned too soon to God instead.

All the souls that have left us too soon.

The weight of it was oppressive and I wept for all those mothers missing their little ones’, those who never had a chance to live on this earth.


I hate the lies that have spread so pervasively making a woman (or man) believe that ending another’s life will make their life better. It never will.

It makes me sad that parents head into the clinics with the thought that this action will help them live a better life with no regrets. It won’t.

It grieves me so deeply that one life after another is being destroyed — my co-worker, my teammate, my friend. I feel their absence.



The Walk for Life is about more than just a demand for an end to abortion. {Oh, it is definitely that.} But it is also a chance to grieve for and remember all those beautiful souls that have been lost to us through this atrocious procedure, harming the very souls it claims to save.

2 Thoughts on “For Life

  1. Chills. That image of the stroller is so heartbreaking. I think this is the worst lie of all, that this decision frees, when we know for a fact that does nothing but bind us up in chains.

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