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Evelyn is Baptized!

Yesterday was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. That is the day that Catholics remember Mary’s birth and how she was preserved from Original Sin. When the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and said “Hail, full of grace!” the word “full” means bestowed upon. God bestowed His grace upon her, and she never rejected it. What a beautiful day to have our child baptized! God, through baptism, bestowed His grace upon our daughter that day. As Mary was the first Christian (quite literally saying “yes” to Christ, and accepting Him into her life), we pray our daughter looks to her as as model of faith.

Our friends and family joined us at St. Stephen the First Martyr parish in Sacramento for this momentous occasion, when our daughter entered the Church. We are looking forward to watching her grow! Here are some pictures – click on them to see larger versions!

One Thought on “Evelyn is Baptized!

  1. Nice photos!! = ) It truly was a beautiful day and such a meaningful time with Evelyn and you two!!! Evelyn Rose in very blessed to have such good parents and so many that love her…especially our Lord and Savior!

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