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End of a Season and Beginning a New ~ {7QT}


One) Revelling in what seems to be the first and last bits of Fall we’ll see here in Northern Cali this year. It went straight from warm to cold. I keep raking up those leaves but they keep coming down. I went to New Hampshire once in November and we’ve got nothing on their autumn, but I like to think we have something going for us with a few golden and amber trees.

photo 3(11)

fall backyard

Two) And related…I’m eking out the last of the apple season here. I made a quick trip with my friend, Meghan, and her son earlier in the week up to Apple Hill to enjoy the final fruits of the season. We snacked on apple donuts and I brought home my favorite — a caramel apple. (Still need to find two minutes to eat it.) I have about half a 40 lbs. box still waiting in the garage to be turned into apple butter. Better get on that before they are (non-edible) apple mush.


Apple Hill

Apple Hill 2

Three) Pondering and planning our Advent this year. I want to be more intentional about it this year as I feel it has slipped by the past few years. {A post about our plans coming next week!} To start with, I got myself an Advent journal filled with Scripture to meditate upon while spending some time in conversation with Jesus. It is produced by Blessed is She — a lovely community of women I’ve recently joined as a writer who bring the daily readings and a devotion to your inbox daily. It has been incredibly spiritually-nourishing for my soul. I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this journal to help keep you focused on The Reason for the season. {Only 51 copies left as of this writing and Advent begins next Sunday!} All proceeds go towards keeping the site up and running and getting those emails out to you. Writers produce out of the goodness of their own hearts! 🙂

BIS journal

Four) I think we might have an engineer on our hands. Within hours of receiving lego duplos for her birthday, Evelyn had brought me a giraffe she had made out of them. And it looks like a giraffe. No assistance or suggestions to her. She’s been loading up the train with all the cargo and driving it around the living room  Have I mentioned she’s only two? 😉


duplo train

Five) We’ve been checking out winter/Christmas books at the library over the past few weeks to get a good collection here to read before they all disappear. {If you wait until the beginning of December, they are already picked over.} We picked up The Snowman, a wonderful wordless story about a little boy’s adventure with a snowman. Spoiler alert: The snowman melts at the end. Evelyn is just devastated about this. I’m pretty sure she’s been having nightmares about it. She didn’t seem as disturbed about the pumpkins that rotted — perhaps because the book resolved it with them coming back the life the following year by planting its seeds. I’ve got to figure out a way to show her that the snowman can come back to life with a new snow because right now it’s pretty much ruining her life.

snowman book

Six) Meal planning and execution has been really on track lately thanks to Nell. She’s been hosting a weekly link up on Saturdays where we post our plans for the week along with links {if they are available} so we can benefit from each other’s recipes. Mix it up a bit, ya know? Well, we’ve enjoyed some new recipes and having a set plan for the week. It is nice when I look over the plans for the day and know what I’ll be doing for dinner. I can plan the afternoon accordingly for what I will need to do to prep. {Or get things going early.} Tomorrow’s will feature people’s plans for Thanksgiving. Check it out for some great ideas if you are in a rut or need to get those creative juices flowing!

weekly eats

Seven) Praying for All Souls this November. The girls and I picked up my mom the other day and we met my grandmother at the cemetery to remember and pray my grandfather who died 27 years ago this month. My grandfather was an obstetrician so he’s buried nearby all the babies. I wish my Evey could have known him. He loved trains. One of his favorite things was keeping his model train set. I still have memories of it although I was only 3 when he passed away. Evey assisted my mom with placing the flowers at his gravesite. {And then attempted to place leaves in all the other graves’ flower holders. She didn’t want them to miss out. ;)}

great grandpa's grave

with great grandma AM


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