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Daddy’s Day

We awoke to our last full day in Virginia on a very special day….

Before leaving our hotel that morning, the front desk attendant handed my husband this little gift.

awesome dad

I couldn’t agree more!! 🙂

Alexandria Steve and I

Happy Father’s Day, My Love! To the best daddy my daughter could ask for!

flying with daddy

We enjoyed Fathers’ Day meandering around old town Alexandria.

old town Alexandria

We feasted on a delicious lunch at Gadsby’s Tavern, where Steve also sipped a spruce beer made from Ben Franklin’s original recipe.

gadsby's tavern

{Evey was in a goofy mood.}

Gadsby's Evey and Daddy

Gadsby's Evey

And later had ice cream at a creamery nearby, where Daddy gave Evey her first taste of ice cream — maple nut.

Evelyn ice cream 2

She practically swallowed the spoon she was so excited.

Evelyn ice cream 3

She was diving onto it the second he pulled it out of the cup.

Evelyn ice cream 1

I love watching these two together. Stephen is such a great daddy.

Alexandria pier with daddy

Just melts my heart. <3

loves her daddy


Ended the day with a visit to a pizzeria to meet up with a couple of Steve’s friends from law school and a friend of mine from Christendom. Headed west tomorrow….

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