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Choo Choo! – Railroad Days

We have a thing for trains around here. It is bordering on obsession. Who am I kidding…it is an OBSESSION.

train girl

Evelyn makes trains out of every little thing she can get her hands on. She has no problem with imaginative play when it comes to trains. 🙂

daddy and E choo choo

When we saw a neighboring town to the north would be hosting Railroad Days events, we just could not pass up an opportunity to drop by. {Despite the fact it was the hottest day of the year so far, in the middle of September! What the what?!?}


 They were sure to cater much to the younger crowd with fantastic inflatables perfect for jumping HIGH!

bounce house

Lucie decided to sit this one out.

Lucie resting

The smallest ride-on choo-choo you ever did see.

train ride

We brought along an uncle and cousins too for double the fun!

Owen and kids

HUGE grin with every pass!

Daddy and Evey choo choo

train ride 2

Hard at work on choo-choo printables.

O & R coloring

E coloring

Live demo of rope making. Owen was fascinated. Even got to take a piece home!

making rope

making rope 2

And, of course, there were model trains galore to stop and watch.

train watching

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