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Choo Choo! : 5 Tips for Cross Country Train Travel with Your Baby {Guest Post}

Please welcome my dear friend, Meghan, today as she gives us some excellent pointers on traveling by train across country with her infant son! {Such a cute, little guy!!} Welcome, Meg! 🙂
baby train travel
Traveling across country for a friend’s wedding this past summer was a journey my husband and I will not forget. I agreed to be my high school friend’s bridesmaid last fall, knowing I would have a six month old along with us for the ride.  In my husband’s frugal and adventurous spirit, we booked a train to get from Sacramento to Nebraska — a grand total of 40 hours!  Granted the train’s top speed is 79 miles per hour and often it goes much slower.  So after spending 80 hours on a train in one weeks time here are some tips for your next ride by train or plane with a little one.

baby train station


5 Tips for Traveling Across Country with Your Baby:

  1. Keep the routine (as best you can!)  Think about how your child usually spends their days- their nap times, quiet times, active times, meal times.  We found that keeping our son’s usual routine in mind helped us and him!
  2. Bring layers. Trains (and planes) love to keep the air cold.  We did not regret bringing our son’s winter clothes with us (and a warm hat too!).
  3. Bring your own blankets. They always over charge for their paper thin blankets.  We were thankful for our son’s blankets because they also kept us warm!
  4. Bring the baby carrier.  Whatever says “home” to your child is definitely an essential! While we didn’t use it that much on the train, it was invaluable during our trip because our son slept in it so well.  While we were busy with wedding festivities, the Ergo was our best friend.
  5. Bring something new! Babies love novelty…so bring something new for them to play with and explore.
Hope this helps you to have happy travels with your little one!

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