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King Fire

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Posting has been rough this past week as not only did we kill my laptop, but we’ve been leaving the house for hours at a time to escape the smoke from the enormous King Fire burning just east of us. It seems our town is the perfect pocket for the smoke to settle.

The air has been in the hazardous zone for the past few days. The particle matter in the air is very dangerous to breathe and even more so for little ones. It has been causing cold-like symptoms in both Steve and I. The girls can’t communicate quite how they are feeling but I can see they are suffering too. It has certainly increased Lucie’s spit-ups incidents, even to the point of making her vomit one day, and Evelyn has clearly been suffering from itchy eyes and a runny nose. They seem extra tired. I know I am.


We can smell it in our house. When I wake up with Lucie in the middle of the night, the smell permeates our bedroom. I noticed my hair even smells like I’ve been sitting close to a campfire. Our vehicles are covered in a thin film of ash. The sun burns a rosy orange color as it rises in the morning and sets at night.

The worst is first thing in the morning. The cool air allows it to settle close to the ground. We drive through a haze as we attempt to make our way out of town.

storm and smoke

They are expecting some cooler air this weekend, but also windy conditions which may counteract the good of the cool air. As of my writing this, the fire has burned just shy of 9,000 acres and is about 35% contained. Please pray for the safety of our firefighters and that they may get this under control soon.

Our Place of Missionary Work

my life's work <3

A woman shared this on one of the groups I am a part of on Facebook, and agreed for any and all to share, so I pass it along to you today. The thought really brought a moment of peace and gratefulness for my mission on this earth. Absolutely beautiful.


Ladies, I had such a moment of clarity and beauty at 1 am this morning as I knelt next to my 16 month olds crib- my hand inside so she would be calm and go back to sleep without me taking her out of her bed. My 3 year old on the other side of the room whispering for me to come lay with her…….

This is my adoration. This is my mission ground. These are the children whom God has entrusted to me- they are no less my ministry than if I was a nun in Calcutta, kneeling next to the bed of an orphan. This is my mission house- where I do the work of Christ.

I put my forehead to the ground as I love to do when I am alone in front of the Blessed Sacrament and had this gorgeous peace and clarity. This is our work ladies. It can be for our own children, our family, our neighbor, our spouse, our world. God Bless you all.

We Will Never Forget

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I was stirred from my sleep by the phone repeatedly wringing. It was early morning here in California, much too early for people to be  calling. When the second line, which had a phone in my room, started ringing too, it pulled me completely from my slumber. Why were so many people calling this early in the morning? I walked out into the living room to find my mother sitting on the couch crying. She looked at me through the tears and said, “We’re under attack.” The television was on displaying these two large towers, one of which had smoke billowing from one of its higher floors. Within minutes, I watched in horror as a plane came bombing into the side of the second tower, listening as the newscaster screamed in panic. They are usually so poised.

burning towers

It felt a tad as if the world was melting around me. The first few hours that morning were some of the most tense and scariest I have felt in all my life. We learned of another plane smashing into the side of the Pentagon. Another coming down in a field in Pennsylvania. Up and down the eastern seaboard. What next? What would keep them from the western side of our country?

It was horrific watching that plane crash. But then, the first tower came down. It crumpled like a sheet of paper. I just kept thinking, That can’t happen. This must be fake. There are hundreds of people inside those buildings. Just seconds before, the camera had panned in on a person waving a piece of cloth of some sort to let rescuers know there were people trapped on that floor. Like a game of vertical dominos, the tower came down on itself one floor after another.

The television was now showing people scrambling for their lives on the street, covered in a white film while pieces of paper floated down out of the sky around them. It was truly surreal. I felt so helpless. All I wanted to do was sweep those dear people out of harm’s way.

people of 9.11

At around noon time here in California, it seemed like the attacks had finally stopped. Now, we listened in as people searched in desperation for their loved ones. Life seemed at a standstill that day all over the U.S. Perhaps the world. We were united in solidarity for those suffering. In truth, we were all suffering. The attack killed 2,996 but it was an attack against every one of us. They were aiming at what we stand for, what we believe in as Americans

And everybody seemed to know somebody who died that day, be it a personal friend or relative, a friend of a friend, a neighbor. And there were the stories of the near misses — those who had for some reason or another been late to work that day, those who had been on a trip to NY only the week before and wandered the floors of those buildings, those who had missed their flights or were bumped to another.

I was on a crew team at the time. Nothing kept us from our exercise routine. But there would be no rowing that day as the dam below the lake we rowed on was closed and all the waterways surrounding it for fear it might be targeted.  It was a day of intense fear. Who knew what was coming next?

As I reflected back on that September day 13 years ago, I hope in my heart that this has ended. But, still, I fear it has not. Let us continue to pray for those affected by the horrible attacks that day and those who continue to be attacked for those same reasons. May God grant us safety and peace.

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