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Monet at the Legion of Honor

A few weeks ago, we headed down to San Francisco for a long weekend to see the special Claude Monet exhibit at the Legion of Honor museum. It was a collection of his early works–many of which I have not seen–so for this Impressionist aficionado, I was over the moon to view them.

The girls enjoyed seeing the collection too, and it was just the right length for shorter attention spans. {Although, Lucie slept through the first half in the Ergo with Steve carrying her. It was a pleasant surprise that she still fit inside!}

We read a bit about Monet together before visiting from one of my favorite childhood books, Linnea in Monet’s Garden. I’m pleased to say that the girls took to Linnea and her adventures in the garden just as I did when I was young.

There was another traveling exhibition that involved random pieces of artwork(?) plopped down in random place inside and outside the museum. That’s Evelyn sitting next to one right out front. She was very entertained by the sculpture pieces, and confused {as we were} about the randomosity of the ones we saw inside. Her questions increased tenfold and my inability to answer did the same.

We ran into our wedding photographer in front of the museum where she was shooting a couples’ engagement photos. We hadn’t seen her since she took our maternity photos when I was pregnant with Evelyn. She does such beautiful work, I wish she lived closer to us so we could have family photos done by her again.

Our trip to SF also included a wonderful picnic on the bleachers that overlook the Bay, and a quick run through Ghirardelli Square with chocolate samples, of course!

One of the little shops on the Square had this tic-tac-toe game created with rocks and washi tape. The girls were in love. We’re searching for suitable flat rocks to make some of our own.

We crossed over the Golden Gate towards the end of the day for more adventures which I’ll share in my next post….

Our Spring/Summer Garden 2016

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

The garden is growing in leaps and strides {as is this little cutie}. California finally received some rainfall this year and I’m noticing a HUGE difference in how well the plants are doing. The plethora of bugs–good and bad–gave an indication of this when I was ripping out weeds. Now, some thriving plants!

I have eight tomato plants–a few heirlooms, a tomatillo, some smaller varieties like pears and cherries, a San Marzano for tomato sauce.

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

This is a Rapunzel. It will have a cherry tomatoes that are bunched in double clusters, resembling ‘long hair’ I suppose. Evey is very excited about this one. She picked it out herself. It got a special red cage for that is her favorite color.

spring garden 2016

strawberry picking

The strawberries we’ve been struggling with this year because of all the rain. There is a lot of rot and molding underneath the leaves that is ruining all the strawberries that sprout down there. I’m quite sad about this as I was anticipating making jars and jars of jam.

spring garden 2016

Please notice the random radish that someone pulled and tossed next to the sunflower. {It did get eaten.} Both of these are volunteers from last year’s seeds that spilled onto the ground. Some of the sunflowers I’m letting stay, but others are in odd spots that make navigating the garden difficult. We keep finding radishes in the strangest places and they have no trouble growing in less than ideal conditions.

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

The green beans are taking off but I’m having to do some major coaxing to convince them to go up the netting instead of across the rest of the vegetables in the bed.

spring garden 2016

A plethora of chard is growing. We have green and rainbow. I haven’t done much cooking with chard in the past so please send your favorite recipes my way!

spring garden 2016

Lots o’ lettuce. The Romaine is giving off dozens of leaves daily. It is kind of hogging the lettuce space. Pictured here are spinach and butter leaf, I believe. They managed to escape the shade of the Romaine.

spring garden 2016

My marigolds are doing fantastic in this spot. I’ve never had much luck with them flowering, despite dead-heading the old ones. Perhaps this soil is just right for their picky taste. A grouping of nasturtiums to right. Still waiting on the flowers.

spring garden 2016

A few potted things outside the main garden. I have rosemary and thyme in and I’m hoping to add basil, chives, and cilantro to the mix.

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

A few rows of corn! I’m not sure how this going to go as their pollination process is better served with a few more rows {I found this out just the other day, so a little late to the game}, but we can always help the process along by hand.

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

The peppers are on the hill. They were seriously attacked by the earwigs so aren’t the prettiest looking of plants. I do hope they recover as Steve makes some amazing hot sauces with fresh ones.

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

spring garden 2016

Funny story about these cornflower/bachelor’s buttons: I didn’t know that’s what they were the first time they appeared in the bed a couple years ago. They were hiding amongst a bunch of weeds and I was so terrible about pulling those out that these managed to flower without being yanked. Even after they flowered, I thought they were just a weed flower. Turns out, not. And I’m happy to have them grace our garden this year unscathed. Minus the little girls who love to bring me bouquets of them frequently.

spring garden 2016

There is beauty even in the midst of decay.

This rambling rose has only produced maybe five tops in the three years we’ve been here. There are dozen this year! I’m still learning how to tame it and help it along but I hope that it continues to throw out buds abundantly for years to come.


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Gathering My Thoughts ~ Busy, But Happy

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chasing bubbles

Outside my window: Sunshine, yet coolness. We had a wonderful spring rain yesterday and the air is fresh and light.

Listening To: Quiet while the girls rest.

strawberry picking

Clothing Myself In: Half pjs, half active wear — which the only activity I’ve done in it so far today has been dishes and general cleaning. And perhaps a few laps around the backyard with the girls.

Talking With My Children About These Books: We finished our last chapter of A Bear Called Paddington this morning. Breakfast included English muffins slathered in butter and marmalade in his honor. The girls have been inquiring about marmalade as it is Paddington’s food of choice, so we dropped some in our cart during our weekly shopping trip. They are both big fans. I wasn’t much when I was little, but I love it now too.

I’m thinking of Mr. Popper’s Penguins for our next read-aloud. What are some of your favorites to do with young children?

paddington marmalade

In My Own Reading: Provence, 1970 — I purchased this on a whim as I needed an extra book to fill my cart on a buy two, get one free sale through B&N. It is written by the grand-nephew of M.F.K. Fisher who seems to have inherited his grand-aunt’s talent for writing, detailing the winter of 1970 and how it shifted the American way of cooking and eating due to this group of food writers that includes M.F.K., Julia Childs, James Beard, etc. Probably more of interest to the foodie set and those interested in the evolution of the food scene in America, otherwise, you might find yourself bored with so many details of the relations between these writers.

Thinking and Thinking: About making a Summer Bucket List with the girls. We have plenty of things planned {which I will add}, but it is fun to have a few spontaneous options so when we find ourselves with downtime on a Tuesday morning, we have ideas of fun to be had! What should we add?

painting each other

Pondering: “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” ~Sylvia Plath   {Thanks to Verily.}

Carefully Cultivating Rhythm: Although we don’t have a strict schedule, and I don’t believe in one with very young children, we do have a happy rhythm to most our days which I really love. One of the most essential parts of our day is nap/quiet time. They need it, I need it.

painting in the sun

Creating By Hand: I have some teeny, tiny socks I’m working on {The needles are so tiny!!}–my first pair of socks ever–for my littlest nephew born this past Monday evening. At some point this week, I also hope to stitch up his blanket. Warmer weather has me switching into stitching project-mode rather than knitting. I just don’t feel like it much when it is so warm.

Learning Lessons In: Being easy on myself. I’ve had a heavy dose of ‘guilt’ in just about every facet of life lately, most of it completely unwarranted. It makes me less than my best when I’m thinking about all my errors {or what I perceive to be such}. And it truly has not been helpful in regards my attitude/outlook on life. Trying to turn that around. My husband helps me immensely.

sock knitting

Encouraging Learning In: We have a new Chick Fil A being built in our town. I pointed this out to Evelyn the other day. She’s ecstatic…but was a tad confused why we couldn’t go there yet. Currently, it is only framed. When I began to explain that it still needed to be built, a light bulb went off in her head. “Buildings are BUILT BY PEOPLE! They’re not just there.” So now every other question is: Who built this? When was it built? It cracks me up. 🙂

Crafting in the Kitchen: Inspired by Britt‘s Instagram post last week, we pulled out the Joy of Cooking to make our own oatmeal cookies, sans raisins, this morning. They are a definite hit.

tea time

To Be Fit and Happy: I have a rowing machine sitting in my garage that is just begging me for a good workout. We finally got a bunch of things cleared out this weekend that mean I can actually access it. Now, I just need to build up my motivation….. I’ve been inactive for too long.

Loving the Moments: Lucie’s spontaneous hugs and kisses with an ‘I wuv you’ tucked into my ear. The point at which they begin to offer affection and endearments without promptings just makes you melt into a puddle…and offer whatever treats their little hearts desire!

Living the Liturgy: The feast of the Sacred Heart is coming up this next Friday. It is one of my favorites. I’m thinking of what to do to commemorate the feast with the family.

organized simplicity lists

Planning for the Week Ahead: We have a long weekend on the horizon. We’re planning on house projects that have been put off too long. I’ve been working, piece-by-piece, on decluttering our storage office room that has become out of control. Major progress was made yesterday, so painting, new bookcases, furniture rearrangement, etc. will be possible on Saturday.

Springtime Snow at Serene Lakes

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

Serene Lakes - May 2016

We’ve been going, going, going around here lately, so when we found ourselves with an empty weekend, we seized the opportunity and ran up to the cabin for a quiet weekend on the lake. This time of year is more of an off-season so it was quite ‘serene’ save a few year-round locals.

We took a long walk around the lake with the girls who impressed us with their endurance, making it at least three-quarters of the way {about 2 miles} around before asking for assistance.

The snow was still abundant so Evelyn was happy to begin her notorious snowball fights with us. Lucie especially enjoyed finding streams of snow melt to throw rocks and pinecones into. There was ample opportunity so lots of stop-and-go as we went along.

We found many groupings of daffodils just beginning to bloom, which was rather funny to us as they bloomed in our area about mid-February. But, there, they are just now having the opportunity to peek through the ground as the snow melts away.

Large sections of the lake have melted, which Evey was rather disappointed about as she wanted to ‘skate’ across again. I’m rather looking forward to the summer season, to taking boats and paddle boards out, splashing on the shore with the girls. It’ll be here soon enough.

Moments ~ {Vol. 13}

Where do I begin?!?

popscicle face

How could you say ‘no’ to popsicles at 10 in the morning to this cute, little face?

yum, popscicle

pencil tucked behind ear

Very intrigued by her ear’s ability to be a pencil holder.

morning tea toddler

Another tea lover in the family.

lovin' daddy

Snuggles with Daddy. My heart. <3

egg cracking

Her new favorite activity: making a special breakfast {aka scrambling eggs}.

making eggs

cooking eggs

She’s a pro.

bowling in neon lights

It may not have gotten there fast, but it knocked all the pins down!

bowling in neon lights

Not clear whether the ramp is for the balls to go down the lane or a jungle gym for climbing.

bowling in neon lights

bowling in neon lights


Sunday best

Another dress from my childhood {made by my mama} that she adores.

singing with Elsa bear

A rare moment to hold sister’s Elsa Bear.

dancing sisters

Dancing in the living room in their favorite, softest! pants {by Whole Parenting Goods}.

princess shoes fashion

The princess must wear her slippers.

waiting for their turn on the train

Friends waiting on the platform {made by Evey} for the train

riding the train

Taking turns on the train

riding the train

Love this girl’s creativity!

chasing chickens

Chasing chickens!
petting chickens

Hanging out with Gram on Mother’s Day, meeting Uncle Eric and Aunt Lindy’s newest residents.

Caleb in a tree

I guess I can’t take credit for this one (I think it was my sis-in-law) but I suppose I have to admit I’m related. 😉

family photo gone bad

Again, related.

strange siblings

The baby of the family no longer…?


My brothers and I. {How did I become the shortest of the bunch?!}

family photo with parents

With our parents.family photo -- Everybody!And everybody!

Together for the occasion of my brother, Jonathan’s, shipping out with the Navy at the end of the month and his engagement to his fiancée, Krista {they are 4th and 5th from the right}. So much to celebrate!

Victoria, BC ~ Great Eats!

Canadian flag flying

The second half of our trip to the Northeast found us in Victoria, British Columbia. Despite it being the middle of February, we had much sun and gorgeous weather for walking around town.

This post will cover our food stops {for there were many!} and in another post I’ll talk about other highlights of the trip.

Red Fish, Blue Fish menu

Friends of ours who had spent their honeymoon in town told us about this little hidden gem called Red Fish, Blue Fish…that was well enough hidden that we missed it our first time walking past! It is located on a dock below street level with a bank of seats that look out over the harbor. Maybe THE best fish and chips I’ve ever had — definitely top of the list!

fish and chips / Red Fish, Blue Fish

eating at Red Fish, Blue Fish

Victoria, BC harbor

Many little water taxis going to-and-fro!

water taxi, Victoria, BC

Murchie’s was another glorious find. We stopped by at least once a day for a sip of tea and treat. Evey and I also chose pretty cups in their gift shop to bring home as souvenirs.

eating at Murchie's

Breakfast was a hit with Stephen.

breakfast at Murchie's

And it’s never too early for tiramisu!

breakfast at Murchie's

Trying to take photos with her toy car…like mother, like daughter.

tea at Murchie's

Stephen saw an advertisement for this when we were waiting for the ferry in Seattle and insisted we search out Bartholomew’s where these bad boys are served.

drink at Bartholomew's

We were due for tea in the afternoon so we enjoyed the ploughman’s platter to stock up on extra protein before the carb overload.

ploughman's lunch at Bartholomew's

eating at Bartholomew's

Tea time at the Empress Hotel. It was such a delightful treat. Despite the hotel being under construction and the usual dining place unavailable, we enjoyed our time sitting in the rotunda sipping their legacy blend and savoring our tea time treats.

tea at the Empress

A refreshing start.

tea at the Empress

TEA rex joined us for the occasion.

tea at the Empress

The Princess Tea for the girls.

tea at the Empress

tea at the Empress

The full afternoon tea complete with a bit of bubbly.

tea at the Empress

And a special order of cheeses, bread, and honey from the chef’s garden.

tea at the Empress

tea at the Empress

tea at the Empress

tea at the Empress

Be sure to blow on your tea before you take a sip to cool it off!

tea at the Empress

The chocolate everything was her favorite. 🙂

tea at the Empress

Our final morning in the city found us at Jam Cafe. A local hotspot–not in the touristy part of town–this place was packed before it opened. {Notice the line around the block still there as we were leaving.}

Jam Cafe, Victoria, BC

It was worth the hour wait for these pulled pork pancakes.

pulled pork pancakes at Jam Cafe, Victoria, BC

Hoping to go back some day for a re-run of all these fantastic places, as well as stopping by some we had to pass up this trip!

Wings of Their Own

We are huge fans of play silks. They fire the imagination better than most of the toys that reside in our play corner. Evey, especially, tries every configuration she can come up with to make a beautiful, flowing dress from the cloth. Princesses are certainly on her radar these days.

Lucie loves to see them fly. We play ‘pop the bubbles’ frequently or throw it high in air to watch it gently glide to the floor over her head. Giggles flying high too.

Evey butterfly wings

Evey butterfly wings

A little play silk search online the other day led me to this wonderful shop called Oakmoss and Ivy. They carry the typical play silks, but another item caught my eye: butterfly wings made from recycled Indian saris. With an emergent interest in butterflies blooming this Spring, I couldn’t think of a better surprise for the girls. And they are just SO beautiful!

Evey butterfly wings

Evey butterfly wings

The morning after it came, I couldn’t get them out of their pajamas before they were running around, floating with their new wings.

Evey butterfly wings

Lucie is a tad small for the wings and she doesn’t quite get the idea of holding your arms out while flying. She keeps tucking them into her chest. I think she’s afraid of letting them go.

Lucie butterfly wings

Lucie butterfly wings

She would love to soar but I think she needs a few more inches of height before it works well for her.

Lucie butterfly wings

Lucie butterfly wings

If you would like to get a pair of your own wings, Oakmoss and Ivy is offering a 10% discount to my readers with the code: MUFFIN10. They have some other great offerings too, including nursing covers, bow ties, and mini slings for baby dolls.

Spring, Maybe? {7QT}

Linking up with 7 Quick Takes today because I feel so behind in posting that I’m rather paralyzed, and if I don’t start right where I’m at, I may never jump in again.

One) We had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. The girls had ballet class so we had fun scouring their drawers {and mine} for a few green things. It’s not a usual color we wear so I had to do a bit of digging. We had corned beef, red potatoes, carrots and cabbage, and the requisite Guinness. I think I finally found the proper cooking balance for each of the ingredients in the crockpot. I put the corned beef in 8 hours in advance on low, added the potatoes and carrots after 4 hours, and the cabbage about 45 minutes before we were going to eat. It is so easy to overcook the veggies. Stephen and I topped off the evening together after putting the girls down with vanilla ice cream doused in Baileys.

St Pat's Day 2016

St Pat's Day 2016 2

Two) I’ve spent a good portion of this week tackling the jungle that will be our garden soon. We’ve had a blessing of so much rain this winter {much, MUCH needed}, but with it, comes lots of green….weeds. So far. I’m very happy with the soil that I’ve been working through so far. Lots of juicy worms and nice moisture at quite a depth. It was like chipping out clay last year. Such a difference. We’re still not settled on exactly what we will plant. I’m hoping to work that out with Stephen this weekend. {We’re due for another dose of rain so not much work outside then.} Evey has repeatedly requested carrots, so those will find a place–probably one of the raised beds.

weed jungle 2

I’ve quite a bit of progress in the garden already. The left side was as bad, or worse, than the right when I started. However, the right side is where we have a horrible problem with Bermuda grass so I’m so NOT looking forward to tackling that side.

weed jungle

Then there’s this mess across the way….

Three) The girls have been sleeping extra hard and longer after all the time have spent outside the past week or so. They were becoming horribly stir crazy with all the rain that just. kept. coming. down. About a month ago, I found a toddler bike with training wheels at a local children’s second hand-shop {double score that it was Hello Kitty!}. She rides it constantly back and forth across the patio. We’re still trying to learn how to make it stop and avoid knocking our sister off her feet as we pass by. {Oh, the hazards of being a younger sister.} Lucie likes to climb on the tricks, occasionally be pushed around, but mostly just sit on it in awkward positions. Particularly ones that are heart-attack inducing for her mother. I attempted bringing a smaller car outside for her to ride yesterday, but she prefers to live life on the edge.

snacking outside

at the park

Four) Warm weather has put me in a Spring cleaning frenzy in the house too. I’m eager to replace all the wool sweaters with warm weather wear. We’re trying to make a push to get our garage cleaned out so we can get the door repaired, and use it for the purpose for which it was intended {or maybe it was supposed to be a storage shed/recycling center….?}. I’ve got painting projects piling on and I’m even dreaming of a kitchen remodel. We’ll see how convincing I can be.

tea time among sisters

donut treat

Five) Lent has been very hit-or-miss. Mostly, miss, but I’m trying to roll with the punches and take the penances God sends instead of my own miss-the-mark ideas. Last weekend, I was very, very grateful to go on retreat with Blessed in She in Arizona, while my husband {and MIL for half the day on Friday} held down the fort. It was an amazing blessing in so many ways. I’m hoping to get a few more thoughts down in a separate post about my trip.

bis retreat gathering

photo by Heather

I was excited to hear this morning that our newest study guide, On the Way, for the Easter season and written by our lovely author, Colleen Mitchell, was #1{!!!} on the new release titles on Amazon in the Catholicism category. Can’t wait to dive into His Word more deeply with this beautiful work.

on the way guide

photo via Blessed is She

Six) We’ve got one more week until we celebrate the joy of Easter. The past few years we haven’t participated much in the Triduum services. It is very hard with the set evening times and going at it alone when it happens during the day with littles. Haley suggested in one of her recent posts of switching off with your husband–i.e. one goes to Holy Thursday Mass, the other to Good Friday liturgy–so each is able to partake more fully without both wrestling children the entire time and being unable to focus on anything. I like this approach, so, perhaps, we might give it a run this year.

St Joseph

Seven) I’ve got a back of photos a mile long I’ve been wanting to share, book reviews that I ‘m going to have forgotten the plot before I can even get my words on paper, and oh so many updates on life. Thank you for staying the course in this short flurry of words.

SLO Living

If we could pick up our things and move anywhere in California right now, we would probably land in the little town of San Luis Obispo. Affectionately called ‘SLO’ by the locals the acronym is a fitting alias for the town. There is a certain ease of life there that is hard to find in California. Most of us are living at a rapid pace. Head into a city and that pace will multiply times a hundred or so. SLO knows how to take it down a notch…and enjoy life while they’re at it.


We stopped through on our way down to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to visit with my brother, Caleb, and sister-in-law, Sadi, who are currently living there while he goes to school at Cal Poly.

We happened to be there on Mothers’ Day and my brother had some grand activities planned. {At least in my book! And since I was the only mother present, I can vouch that it was a fitting celebration. ;)}


Baileyana Winery is, perhaps, the most family-friendly winery I’ve ever stopped into. We took the girls with us into the tasting room, an adorable yellow building that looks like an old school house, and they were perfect angels put up with our sipping while being bribed with bunny crackers.

wine tasting sidekicks

wine tasting SLO


We chose a delightful white and took it out to the grassy area beside the building where the girls could run free {mostly} while we enjoyed the wine and some snacks.


There was also a bocce ball court nearby that several groups were enjoying. At one point, a family came out with a soccer ball to play a pick-up game. The girls wanted to join in but I was afraid they might get smooshed by the bigger kids. So they got to watch attentively from the sidelines. Another family brought along small containers of bubbles and passed them around which, of course, thrilled all those under ten to the nth degree.

running free


Aunt Sadi won the day with Evey when she brought out the temporary tattoos and they placed matching ones on their arms.


It was such a gorgeous day!

mothers day wine tasting


We hopped back on the long, winding roads to make our way closer to the coast. No trip to SLO is complete without a visit to the beach. Caleb explained to us that there were several good ones in the area but you chose depending on what type of weather and what crowds {or lack thereof} you were willing to put up with. His favorite — the quieter one — was Montana de Oro, and, lucky for us, the sun was {unusually} shining there that day.


We did a lot of splashing in the waves. Evey was cautious; Lucie was racing it head-on. Pretty much sums them up.



Lucie couldn’t get enough of the sand! She would rather fry like a lobster than be pulled away from the blissful feel of it running through her fingers.



What a wonderful way to spend Mothers’ Day!


At one point, Caleb took Evelyn over to make castles in the sand. They built one for Pooh Bear and one for Tigger and one for Piglet and one for Kanga and one for Roo and one for Elsa and one for Anna and so on. Because it is important for everyone to have their own castle! They worked really hard. It was cute. 🙂


We even managed a whole group photo thanks to a park bench!


Oh, and Lucie decided Uncle Caleb’s and Aunt Sadi’s would be the perfect place to take her first steps. We were sitting around chatting when she suddenly stood up and took about five steps across the floor like it was no big deal. Special moment for Caleb, who witnessed it, as he doesn’t see them too often and he caught one of the biggest milestones of her life!


Thanks, Caleb and Sadi, for the wonderful time! Can’t wait to do it again soon!

{And a very happy birthday to Caleb whose birthday happens to fall today!}

Moments ~ {Vol. 8}

outdoor play

Lots of time outside during these beautiful Spring days. Evelyn draws, Lucie observes.


We have a single rosebush on our backyard fence. It is very stingy with the roses. It produced twice as much this year and this is half of them.

static hair on the slide

Her hair is the perfect length for the static look after coming down the twirly slide at the park. 😉


Summer-like weather one day had us out searching for the biggest ice cream treat. Success.

picnic lunch

Picnic weather!


Need to work on that “talking with our mouth full of food” thing…. 😉

whipped cream!

My daughter possibly loves strawberries more than I do. Is that even possible?!?!

inspecting her hands

“What is this strange stuff on my hands??”


Fantastic thrift store find. She’s all about stamps right now.

winnie the pooh puzzle

And puzzles. She sits for hours most days working on them.

new york puzzle

Her taxi one we picked up in New York. So proud!

watching the rowers

My youngest brother participated in the Southwest Regional Rowing Championships this past weekend. We enjoyed watching and wading in the warm water.

beach babe

Those rocks were great for sifting through her fingers. Over and over and over….

bean bag love

She had never encountered a bean bag chair before but we happened upon this one at the used kids’ clothing store in town. She carried it over to me and said, “There’s something in here, mom,” very concerned look on her face. I had to explain that it was like a big pillow and it was filled with things to make it soft for sitting on. Next thing I know, I come around the corner and find her like this. She understood. 🙂
fun with friends

We celebrated a good friend’s birthday this week with a gathering of wonderful faces that we love to see.



happy birthday matt

His wife made a delicious ice cream cake with funfetti cake and butterfinger ice cream per his request. It was a great combo!


blowing out the candles

Happy birthday, Matt!

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