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Butterflies and Flowers ~ {Yarn Along}

Monarch Baby Blanket

My stitching and reading seems to have a Spring theme this week. The blanket I’m still making my way across {about 3/4 done} is the Monarch Baby Blanket from One Skein Wonders for Babies. Still loving that turquoise.

The book I’m breezing through is The Language of Flowers. It was recommended by someone, somewhere along the way {I lose track of these things because I’m always in search of good book recommendations!}, and I’m absolutely loving it. Interwoven into the story is the main protagonist’s usage of the Victorian meaning of flowers in the bouquets she makes for clients and in gifts to others. She is an adult foster child, come-of-age, so the story is heavy but worthwhile. I don’t want to give away too much.

Monarch Baby Blanket

Stop by Ginny’s blog to find other great projects in the Yarn Along link-up! {Also, there’s a wonderful podcast at Fountain of Carrots this week featuring Ginny chatting about her conversion and a little glimpse at what life looks like in her household. Check it out!}

4 Thoughts on “Butterflies and Flowers ~ {Yarn Along}

  1. “The Language of Flowers” was one of the first modern novels I’d ever read about three years ago. I really enjoyed it!

    • I just finished it last night. SUCH a great novel. Do you follow Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog at all? I think that is where I saw it recommended. She always does a great job with short synopses and I really trust her when it comes to searching amongst the contemporary stuff.

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