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Baby Shower Gift ~ {Yarn Along}

In two other posts–here and here–I shared my progress on this baby blanket I was making for a friend’s baby shower. I thought you might like to see it finished!

monarch blanket + jamberry

We were asked to bring a book to the shower instead of a card to add to the baby’s library. I brought along, Jamberry, an absolute favorite of my girls. It is one we read at least once a week. It has inspired them to call every jam ‘jamberry’.

detail monarch blanket

detail monarch blanket

The detail on this blanket is just exquisite. I love the ‘butterflies’ that are woven in throughout the blanket. Again, the pattern comes from this book.

monarch blanket + turtle

This little turtle was a Christmas gift for Lucie that I made. She liked sitting atop the precious blanket.

Leslie's shower - monarch blanket

Photo by Leslie’s sis-in-law, Morgan

Here’s my lovely friend, Leslie, at her shower with the blanket. Her sweet Maleah Jane will be here in June!


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One Thought on “Baby Shower Gift ~ {Yarn Along}

  1. Jamberry was one of my most favorite books to read to my kids when they were small- now the oldest is graduating from college next week in Vermont and close on her heels is my son who studies at an Ecology college in Maine. I used to sing the book to them because of the rhythm of the words and I can still hear the made-up tune in my head. My Mother’s Day blog- http://lovelyyarnescapes.blogspot.com/2016/05/mothers-day-mom-not-title-id-ever-take.html and today’s Yarn Along- http://lovelyyarnescapes.blogspot.com/2016/05/yarn-along-on-wednesdays.html
    I absolutely love your blanket! Have a happy week.

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