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The first of October almost feels like fall here in Northern CA. Despite it being over 80 degrees, there is a cool breeze and many leaves changing color and drifting off the trees. Yet, I observe friends elsewhere starting to bundle up in scarves and beanies, while I am only dreaming of hot cocoa and warm soup.

Speaking of food, I’ve been attempting to get a handle on the close-to-rotting produce on the counter today. Roasted up a bunch of tomatoes for another batch of tomato sauce, which will probably be tonight’s dinner, and two batches of a quick breakfast treat I will reveal tomorrow. {hint: it involves bananas} Now, there is finally some space to work in the kitchen.

panorama 1Did you know you can take panoramas with your iphone?

Next task, cleaning that space from top to bottom. {Always seems to be on the absolute bottom of the priority list. Buuuuuut it’s getting out of hand.}

panorama 2Please pardon the mess.

We went on a walk this afternoon to get some much-needed fresh air. {Remember that fire? It’s nearly entirely contained now, praise God!}

an L wrap

Really, it was just me walking with the baby attached in the wrap while Evey rode along in her little trike as I struggled to keep her from veering off the sidewalk. {That hand-pushed trike seemed like a good idea the time…} I vowed never to take my shower before a walk again.

E biking

One of these days we might get around to cleaning up the garden. The tomatoes are beginning to die off with the cooler temps in the evening, but I haven’t had a chance to do one last sweep. And at the rate this is going, I think that fall garden will remain merely a nice idea. Anyone have tips on gardening with little ones in tow?

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