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Happy New Year!

We’re taking a little breather after a wonderful rush of holiday celebrations! We have many things to share but only a few moments now to write….

happy Evelyn!

The Muff family wishes each and every one of you a Happy New Year! May 2013 bring many adventures, joy and blessings!

The Gown

I took a few moments the other day after Evelyn’s bath and redressed her in her baptismal gown. My good friend, Lizzie, who lives on the other side of the country, sent it to her, so I wanted to capture a few close-up shots for her to see and to memorialize my beautiful daughter in this beautiful gown.











One month!

We’ve reached the one month milestone. It is incredible how much Evelyn has grown each day! Every day her personality is a little more revealed, she becomes slightly more alert and attentive, and comes closer and closer to filling out her bassinet.

Evelyn is completely infatuated with lights. Being born near Christmastime was rather fortuitous as she has plenty of opportunity to catch a glimpse of twinkling lights. We sit for hours every day staring up at the lights sparkling on the Christmas tree. It’s her favorite thing to do at 4 am right now. I’m trying to convince her there are better times of the day to do such things….

She’s recently discovered her tongue and loves to sit with Daddy flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth at him. He responds in kind. She’s also inherited the trait of being able to roll her tongue like a hot dog. 🙂

We’ve taken her on a couple walks but she doesn’t stay awake long once we get moving. I hope she enjoys being outdoors as much as Mommy and Daddy do. I certainly anticipate many hours at the park with her in the future as she loves to MOVE!

I’ve been attempting to coordinate a nap or two of hers with getting a few things done, but she loves to be right alongside Mommy (or Daddy, but he’s at work during the day) at all times. I recently introduced her to the Ergobaby when we’ve been out and about. She was all smiles the first time I put her inside and enjoys the close snuggles. I’m going to try her inside to get a few chores done here soon.

Right now, I’m typing this one-handed as I hold her in the other. (I’m getting better at this every day! ;)) She started off napping right next to me on the couch, but I could only satisfy her with that for so long….

3 Weeks!

We have made it through 3 wonderful, although mostly sleepless, weeks with little Evey. In just 3 weeks, she’s developed and grown in great leaps and strides right before our very eyes.

On Thanksgiving morning, I laid her on her stomach for some tummy time and she decided she liked it better on her back. Yep, she’s already done her first roll-over. We have to keep an eye on that girl.

She’s very strong. She practices lifting her head every chance she can get. I caught her staring into Daddy’s eyes while lying on his chest the other day. We have to be on guard though because she also likes to throw her head into the side of yours, which can be rather painful for both parties.

We made an extra trip to the doctor this week because I was concerned about how her bellybutton was healing. Her cord fell off last Thursday, but it wasn’t drying out as quickly  as I thought it should. The doctor placed a bit of sodium nitrate inside which is supposed to desiccate it. While we were there, they took her measurements and she had gained a full pound since her visit the week before. Needless to say, she is a very healthy eater. 🙂

She’s beginning to focus and look more intently at things, especially our faces. I wish I knew what was going on inside her little brain. She seems to think very deeply about things.

Evelyn’s birth-day



It has been difficult to find a few spare moments to write.The feedings, changings, and sleeplessness have contributed, but I must confess, the hardest part of finding time is resisting the desire to sit and watch her peaceful — or, oftentimes, expressive! — face as she sleeps. And the waking hours (minutes, right now) I can never put her down or pull myself away. It is true; I am smitten with my daughter.

Although probably the hardest thing I’ve accomplished in my life, I thank God for the fairly smooth delivery of our baby, Evelyn Rose. After several instances of false labor starts, true labor began about 10 pm on Thursday, November 8th with contractions about every 10 minutes apart. On the coldest evening of the season yet, we tested out its authenticity taking a brisk walk outside. They remained consistent.

Thinking we had some time, we decided to go to bed with me attempting to sleep through as much of it as I could. Shortly before midnight, however, I was brought out of my sleep rather abruptly, noticing contractions were 2-5 minutes apart. I awoke Stephen who, wisely, insisted we head to the hospital, while I protested that we were supposed to wait for 2 hours before we headed over. (Only when they remain at 5 minutes!) As we drove down the quiet streets, passing empty shops on the way to the hospital, I kept thinking, I can’t believe we’re finally here, finally at the point we’re going to meet our daughter!

I was hooked up to the monitors and checked right away after our arrival. Only 2 centimeters and about 50 % effaced. We still had a ways to go. About 3:30 in the morning, my doctor came in and I was at 3 centimeters. She decided to break my water to move the process along. It certainly did the trick. Contractions were constant, nearly unbearable. Although we had aimed for a drug-free birth, I decided to get a bit of Fentanyl put in my IV in order to take the edge off and give me a little reprieve before transition.

Somewhere between 6 and 7 in the morning, I announced that I was giving up and needed the epidural. They began setting things up and contacting the anesthesiologist. I started to feel this urge to use the toilet. I asked the nurses for some assistance in getting up and they suddenly became excited, and began turning on the lights and calling other nurses into my room. Little did I know, I had reached transition. Too late for the epidural. Time to push.

I had a wonderful team of nurses and my doctor coaching me through each contraction, telling me how and when to push. You’d think it is pretty straightforward, but I found a little coordination was involved and with each contraction I became a little more effective. After about an hour, my beautiful, healthy baby girl was placed in my arms by my husband where she happily stayed for two hours until the nurse came to measure and bathe her.

Although we were greatly blessed with an excellent staff during labor & delivery and recovery time, my greatest ally during the whole process (before and beyond) was my husband. He coached me through each contraction, even holding us up when I was standing every time a wave of pain overcame me. He stayed constantly by my side, praying with me. He helped me focus on breathing well and bringing her further down with each contraction. Even when I rapidly changed my mind from one moment to the next about what I needed, he was patient and worked through it with me. I could not have done it without him and I’m certain his support contributed to my relatively short labor.

Halloween fun

We didn’t attend any Halloween parties this year, but Steve had the occasion to dress up in costume for work. Once he had settled on a Clark Kent/Superman costume (due to a number of comments on his resemblance to the superhero), he discovered his desk mate at work would be donning the same attire.

So, no go.

We scouted out the local Halloween store and ran across an Angry Bird beanie. Turned out to be a win-win situation — great Halloween costume and excellent head cover in the upcoming winter months. It’s always a plus when you can get more than one wear out of a costume.

We both decided that the red sweatshirt and beanie combo was a stellar choice to the expensive, round polyester version for sale.

He pulls off the Angry Bird look pretty well. 😉

Step By Step

We’re working through our design layout, slowly but surely. WordPress is a new bag of tricks for me (I’ve been a Blogger gal up til now).

Our newly minted banner is from a photo we took with our favorite Bay Area photographer, Jasmine Lee. Check out her website here. We met her while doing an impromtu  family and engagement photo shoot in San Francisco last October. Since then, she’s done an amazing job photographing both our wedding and a fun maternity shoot!

Welcome to ‘Muff’in Dome!

Welcome to our family’s little corner of cyberspace!

We’re still determining exactly what we will be posting (and it will likely change as we go along…), but it is certain to include adventures and shenanigans, ramblings of the heart, and a little bit of a lot of what we love in our family.

Join us on the journey!

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