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Around the Web ~ 9.21.14


We had a bit of hiccup this week with being able to post links as my laptop died due to a beer libation that was poured on top of the keyboard. Seems it doesn’t thrive on that sort of thing. There were a couple I remembered from my bookmarks but you’ll have to excuse the scarcity this week.

It is rather discouraging that my firm intent to get back to exercising this week coincided with a horrible fire, and, thus, horrible smoke, that we’ve been dealing with here in the foothills. This list of common mistakes moms make when trying to get back in shape will get me re-motivated when the clearer air returns.

It is so easy to be an idealist after receiving a great formation in school. But this is the real, tainted world, filled with real, fallen people. Don’t let that hinder you from learning to give people grace. (You need it too!)

I’m really loving this new daily devotional written by a few of my favorite bloggers (and others I’m getting to know). These lovely Catholic women put together a reflection based on the day’s readings. Go follow along.

This is a great help to us newbie toddler parents (and perhaps seasoned one’s too). How to quit feeling helpless in the face of disciplining your young ones.

And here are some great tips for your family photography session, especially important as we move into the holiday season and prep for our Christmas cards.


Have a great week, friends!!

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