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Around the Web ~ 11.9.14

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You’re in for a doozy today because I have about 3 weeks worth of links waiting in the wings. Pour a cup of coffee {or tea}, find a cozy place, and kick back for some good reads.


When you choose to do something outside of the norm in your family {or even just any big thing, really}, it is easy to lose heart. “[W]hen you’re filled with doubt, remember your reasons why.”

The importance of teaching ‘patience’ to our students {children}.

Blessed is She has had some great reflections over the past week. This one entitled “The Household of God” was superb. I’m still reflecting on it.

“I think we need to take the time to tell ourselves we are good people.  Good mothers.  Good wives and friends and women.” A little encouragement and a good, simple reminder.

And another great reminder to not lose heart when it feels like you are failing at building your cathedral. The love of God is present in our lives even when we feel like He is distant. He is guiding us in our construction.

Why I am crazy enough to go a year without the internet

Do you consider yourself highly sensitive? If so, these are great helps to aid you in maintaining your sanity. Self care for the highly sensitive parent.

Practicing gratitude in this month of Thanksgiving {especially for mothers}.

Just because you aren’t able to maintain a scheduled prayer life while maintaining a household does not prevent you from being close to God. Find Him in the every day.

5 Cheap Ways to Spruce Up Your Gathering

The Kitchn’s Cooking School. I want to go through each day and perfect or learn the techniques they are instructing us in. We should all know these.

A really great gift guide of wonderful etsy shops for Catholic children.

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