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Around the Web ~ 11.16.14


Anyone else thinking about what will be on their Thanksgiving table in less than two weeks? (!!!) The Vintage Mixer together with some other food bloggers hosted a virtual Thanksgiving meal to bring us some great options for the feast! Also, The Kitchn has some lovely options too, based on a harvest-inspired menu.

Another thing well on its way is Advent season (starts the Sunday after Thanksgiving). Elizabeth Foss has a great collection of Advent books to read with your kids through the season. Already putting in requests from the library.

This is wonderful little list of daily affirmations for wives that will help us in living our our vocations all the better.

Is There a Catholic Way to Eat? Daniel Rabourdin of EWTN‘s ‘Theology of the Table’ seems to think so and I’m inclined to agree with him. {Plus, it’s infused with French-ness and we all know I will be happy to get on board with that! ;)}

Have you heard of the fallacy of relative privation? It essentially claims that trivial difficulties in our lives shouldn’t be of concern to us because there are bigger problems in the world like world hunger. This post, ‘On Whataboutery,’ explains why these things do matter and are worthy of our attention and prayer.

The Hard and the Holy — a beautiful reflection on how what is difficult in life can also be our means of holiness.


Have a lovely week!

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