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Around the Web ~ 10.5.14

tea time treat

An inspiring message and great reminder that we mamas need to take care of ourselves too.

This has been making its way around this week, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet — If My Child Marries Yours. Make sure to have a box of tissues handy.

Written by one of my college professors (the one who inspired me to switch from theology to philosophy major), some arguments against text messaging. Almost makes me want to get rid of my smart phone. Almost. {Admittedly, I do miss the days when I wasn’t constantly ‘on call.’}

In these days of constant busyness, we would do well to practice more often the art of lingering.

You are Not Defined By Your Child — yes, Nell, yes. Some days it certainly can feel that way. Mama guilt rears its ugly head way too often.

I so identify with this beautiful letter to the author’s daughter. Evelyn is a floodgate of words these days. Steve and I constantly are remarking, “I never heard her say that before!”

And I love, love, love that there is growing movement to revive beautiful church architecture. Many churches are beginning to get makeovers, to return them to their pre-50s/60s splendor. This is particularly happening in the diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.


Enjoy your week!

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