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Around the Web ~ 10.19.14

pumpkinsWe spent this weekend soaking up the season with trips to pick pumpkins and gather apples. I’ll fill you in more later this week, but for now enjoy a few links from this past week around the web.


We are always on the lookout for good quick breakfast recipes. I think these Carrot and Bran Muffins just might fit the bill.

If you are on Instagram, this is one to follow: 5ftinf  Composition, color,…everything about each of the posts is beautiful. {via Modern Mrs. Darcy}

Some thoughts on keeping organized. I like things to be organized. I can’t function well in my home when things are in complete disarray. I think I am more efficient in my work when things have a proper place. So sometimes getting things cleaned up requires a proper organization system first.

We’ve only had one child so far who is eating solids so our experience with this is limited, but we certainly agree that exposing your children to a myriad of food choices from a young age {not treating certain foods as ‘adult’ and others as ‘kid food’} help to eliminate unnecessary dislikes. Evelyn tries everything once and, usually, each time it is made. It is amazing how many times she didn’t like it the first…or fiftieth…but that fifty-first time it became her favorite food. {Lord, help me if I ever have a picky eater, though!}

Olivia hits the nail on the head — A Call to End the Mommy Wars. We have got to stop judging one another and start building each other up. We’re in the trenches together.

Staging Your Home for Living — Why we shouldn’t be staging our home only when we are preparing to leave it and how to do so.

Love these tips for capturing who your kids are. I’m definitely going to attempt implementing more of these in my day-to-day photography.

This is definitely on my mind a lot. I’m nervous about raising children in this technologically-filled age. I don’t want them to lose their sense of wonder at God’s creation or miss out on truly having meaningful relationships with others, things I fear might happen with too much media “noise.”

Why getting our children into the best college should not really be the goal.

Loving these thoughts on Why Beauty Matters.


Have a great week, my friends!

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