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Around the Web ~ 10.12.14


A few interesting articles for your coffee table perusal this morning:


An interesting look at wedding financials and how it might affect the longevity of marriages — ‘A Diamond is Forever’ and Other Fairy Tales

A fun idea to do with your toddler on a rainy day.

These lost photos from the 50s and 60s — a glimpse into every day motherhood. Timeless.

If you haven’t had enough of pumpkin things yet, Joy the Baker has a delicious looking Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk recipe. I’ve always wanted to make my own almond milk. Now, I have a really good reason too.

A San Francisco-based restaurant is playing hard ball with Yelp after it started deleting good reviews for the restaurant when they refused to pay extra to the company for advertising. They are asking for your worst reviews to make it to the top WORST restaurant on Yelp. Some of these are just hilarious.

Let’s Stop Judging Kate Middleton and Women With Multiple Kids via Verily.

The devil works his nasty tricks once again. How we are being duped into thinking the ‘real’ danger lies elsewhere than where it truly does.

This is such a beautiful post written by Hayley over at Carrots for Michelmas regarding self body image in little girls. It is just so heart-breaking that the thought is even crossing their minds at such a young age. I do hope that I can instill in my girls a sense of self-worth that transcends outward appearances. I feel it is going to be so difficult in this materialistic world we live in.

And don’t miss the giveaway over at Cedars and Tiny Flowers for your babes — your choice of one of Freshly Picked‘s adorable moccasins! I’m pretty sure I want one in every color for my little love. <3


Have a wonderful week, my friends!

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