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Apple Hill is for Apple-Lovers

An autumn is never complete in Northern California without a trip to Apple Hill.


We kept busy last weekend, filling Sunday with a trip up to this delightful town dotted with a copious number of apple orchards and other wonderful farms.




Much to the delight of the men of the family, we made our first stop at Jack Russell Brewery {where, ironically, we spotted a lot of dogs, but not a Jack Russell in sight}. We feasted on chicken apple sausages with unique mustards, apple coleslaw and fresh apple cider, milled on the spot. Expecting mediocre hot dogs, sides and condiments, we were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food grilled and served there. The biggest hit, though, was the pumpkin spice beer which was brewed to autumnal perfection. Most of us agreed that the majority of pumpkin ales leave something to be desired, but this one hit the spot. It was a wonderful blend of spice, pumpkin and hops. {With a decent alcohol content. ;)}



Just down the road, we stopped at Rainbow Orchards for the NUMBER ONE apple treat(!) apple donuts. We waited in line for about half an hour, admiring all the pumpkins and squash on display. Evey picked out one. more. pumpkin to display on the shelf in her room. {We’re thinking of painting them tomorrow.}



The donuts were good, but we’re in agreement that the best are still at High Hill Ranch. {We opted out of driving there as the traffic on the road there was barely crawling for several miles.} High Hill adds the wonderful touch of chopped up apples instead of merely including apple cider in the recipe. It makes all. the. difference.



I couldn’t pass up the caramel apples. Probably my favorite tasty morsel each year.


Rainbow Orchards did win a few points with their live bluegrass music that we boogied to on the way back and forth to the apple barn. We grabbed a family photo on the John Deere tractor parked in the orchard before heading back to the car.


Saying goodbye to Gram, Pumpkin, Steve and Cheryl, we met up with my mom and two of my brothers who had just arrived in the area at Larsen Apple Barn. Growing up, this was the spot where we picnicked and played Scramball and soccer before engorging ourselves on apple treats. I think they still have some of the cheapest apples on the Hill. I picked up a box in the barn — 40 lbs. for $15! They were seconds but most of them will be made into applesauce or apple butter so they will do just fine.


I’ll take the best apple of the bunch home with me! 😉


2 Thoughts on “Apple Hill is for Apple-Lovers

  1. Laura Rose on October 24, 2014 at 1:33 pm said:

    Looks like so much fun! I love your daughter’s face all scrunched up with that pumpkin in the one picture. Such personality!

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