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pumpkin hat

I just put down my knitting which is currently orange yarn on round needles as I am making Evelyn another pumpkin hat. I made one last year that she happily wore, and it turns out that she would be happy to do that again. Too bad those things don’t grow with her. Lucie will wear the smaller one and I will have two “pumpk’n heads” this year.

pumpkin hat 2

We stopped by Target today for diapers and few unnecessary items that always seem to find their way into my cart whenever I walk through that store. Included in that list is this beauty.

pumpkin head

She spotted it on the shelf and I let her try it on. Mistake number one: walking anywhere near the Halloween aisles with a child who speaks of pumpkins like their going out of style. She’s been trying to take one to bed with her at night. She even placed one in my bed the other day, suggesting maybe I needed another bedfellow. No thanks, dear. And mistake number two: allowing her to try the thing on. Because, of course, once it is on, it ain’t ever coming off. Only if I wanted to pry it from her cold, dead fingers.

Plus, it’s absolutely adorable on her. I’m not sure anyone else could pull off the style.


And I haven’t even introduced her to the Pumpkin Spice Latte yet.

Although, I did feed her pumpkin pie for her 1st birthday cake.

pumpkin birthday pie

And allow her to imbibe pumpkin Jamba.

pumpkin jamba

So this may be entirely my fault.


Oh, and did I mention she calls one of her grandfathers ‘Pumpkin’?

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