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A Weekend to Remember

I had the most lovely weekend with my family. It is one that will stay in my memory bank for life. It certainly filled up this quality-time-loving gal. Making memories.


We took a long-overdue trip to the coast to meet with extended family for a morning at the beach. Despite our late start, we made it there in good time.





Evelyn has had only a couple of trips to the beach. This is the first where she could actually run around. She throughly enjoyed splashing in the waves with her daddy, alongside her cousin, Danny, and his dad.






Fearless child that she is, she faced each wave head on, racing to meet it.



I held Lucie in our wrap where she stayed snuggled and (mostly) protected from the wind and sun. (Both the girls came home with a little sun/wind burn across their noses.)


Uncle Elliot brought his kite which the kids loved to “help” fly. (I’m pretty sure it would have taken them off with it if they had actually been allowed to hold by themselves.)


On our way home, we made a trip through the little coastal town of Sausalito. After meandering around for a bit, we sat down at an Italian restaurant for a refreshment, and ended up staying for dinner. {The pizza I ordered was one I want to remember for replicating at home: figs, pancetta, caramelized onions, and gorgonzola. YUM!}

photo-2 copy

We made it to Sunday Mass at our parish for the first time since Lucie was born. (Last week would have been but, in our sleep-deprived fog, we forgot Mass started at 8, not 8:30, so we ended up at another parish since we were so late.) Evelyn declared “Yum, yum!” at the consecration of the Host, then raised her water bottle to indicate the chalice would be raised up next. The entire pew behind us was trying so hard to hold in their laughter! 🙂 (They pay attention(!) despite how squirmy they are in their seats!)

We continued our family ritual of a treat at Peets and grocery shopping for the week afterwards that we started after Lucie’s arrival. It certainly makes the chore seem like not such an onerous task. I so appreciate my husband taking time with us on the weekend to do this. It is a great help until I get a better handle on traveling outside the house with two littles in tow. Plus, love the family time!!

After a delicious steak dinner, our movie viewing was interrupted by a double rainbow. Well, it was actually interrupted by a wailing newborn, but I stepped outside in an attempt to calm her, after I noticed the piercing light coming from the west and dark clouds gathered in the east.

photo 4-2 copy

A winning combination for a rainbow. Sure enough, there it was. I called the rest of the family outside to see.

photo 1-2 copy

photo 2-2 copy

photo 3-2

While out there, Steve decided to give the lawn a little water…and Evelyn decided she would enjoy it too.

photo 3-3

photo 4-2

This girl loves water. 🙂

photo 1-2

photo 2-2

A neighbor walked by with her dogs to chat for a bit and captured this family photo for us. I think it may be our first one since Lucie joined us. (Minus that slightly awkward selfie one I attempted earlier on the page.)


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