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A Visit to Santa ~ 2014

The town we live in has some great Christmas celebrations, increasing the holiday cheer around these parts. A family favorite is the Country Christmas where local craftsmen and women come to sell their wares and the carolers and music-makers come out by the dozens. Two of our favorite things to support! Also, Santa makes an annual visit and it’s a lot cheaper {free!} and quicker than the mall Santa. {Two excellent points in my book.}

We showed up downtown early to snag a spot in the local brewery/restaurant for dinner. Despite our early arrival of 4 o’clock, there was a 45 minute wait. Fortunately, they have a new system where you give them your phone number and they text you when your table is ready. Genius, I’m telling you. So we leisurely strolled through shops and snagged an adorable pilot-snowman-flying-an- airplane for Evey’s Christmas ornament, as she’s in love with the snowmen this year. Lights up like a Christmas tree when she spots one.

snug as a bug

Steve’s parents came just in the nick of time as our table opened for dinner. We got settled in to enjoy a brew and brat {well, I did} when Lucie literally broke down. This kid is one of the happiest, jolliest people I know but she just lost it in the din that filled that space. I have to admit, I thought it was rather noisy myself, but, as an adult, it is a little easier to cope with. Steve and I took turns eating and holding her outside, but she was nearly inconsolable, poor thing.

Which leads me to the next stop of the evening. Even THAT jolly, old man didn’t help her. In fact, I’m pretty sure he made it worse.

santa visit

Evey was hamming it up for camera. {At least she didn’t react like last year.}

hamming it up with santa

Presenting~ the whole family and Santa. Lucie still wasn’t having any of it and, I think, Evey was bored at this point. At least mama and daddy are enjoying themselves. {Although, I’m about to lose my phone.}

family and santa

And that’s a wrap! {Note: Evey’s little poodle that quickly turned into a weiner dog in about 5.6 seconds flat.}

ready to go

{A big thanks to my mother-in-law for the photos, that just wouldn’t have happened without her.} 🙂

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