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9 Months!

She’s been attempting it since the day she was born when she tried to stand up against the side of the isolette while the nurse was measuring her. We have an official walker on our hands, folks.

new red shoes

{And very proud of her new, red shoes!}


She’s been very meticulous in the process. Making sure she had great balance before attempting the first step. Then testing out one or two steps, but carefully squatting and sitting if she felt she was losing her balance.

sitting down

careful sit-down

Knock on wood, we haven’t had any major spills. In fact, the only real bruiser she received was while she was speed crawling, her hand slipped out from under her and she took a dive onto one of her board books which left a little shiner below her right eye for a few days.

standing outside

walking outside

She’s headstrong but rather careful.

Her nine month check-up last week revealed that she’s a healthy 18 lbs. 14 oz. and 28 1/2 in. I no longer go to the gym as I get my workout lifting her up and down hundreds of times each day. 🙂

She’s quite verbal, saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye-bye’ at the appropriate times. She calls for mama and dada. When it is bathtime, she will say ‘ba’. When she’s finished eating, she states ‘done’ matter-of-a-factly.’ {And you have about 2.5 seconds to clean off her face and remove her from her chair before she begins yelling it.} She’s starting to imitate the animal sounds that she loves. She even tried the ‘e-i-e-i-o’ with Gram the other day when singing Old MacDonald together. And she attempted to sing ‘alleluia’ with us at church yesterday. {Of course, this happened when everyone else was done.} 😉

The music runs deep in her veins and it is obvious. In addition to banging on the piano, she now has her own xylophone which she practices on every day. I’ll start her off with a few scales and she beams from ear-to-ear.


Her favorite singer is Raffi. We listen to his CDs an average of 45 times a day (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but not by much). {The songs also play on repeat in my head as I’m trying to fall asleep at night….} She’s a dancer like her mama and bops along to the music. Her wiggles are getting fancier each day.

We’re into unloading anything we can get our hands on, especially if it involves clothing or CDs.


sorting laundry

She imitates the way I sort laundry and even has her own way of folding. It is rather cute.

We spend a bit of time in the kitchen where she ‘mixes’ and ‘pours’ with her own bowls, cups and spatulas while I cook or bake.

cooking with mama

And she is currently cleaning the floor with the kitchen towel. 🙂

cleaning the floor

Our social butterfly has really taken to outside adventures lately. She gets very excited saying hello to others, whether it be at the library nursery rhymes, swinging at the park, walking the aisles at the grocery, or relaxing at a coffee shop. She always seems to have a smile for everyone. {Even inanimate objects.}

chatting with the chicken

Oh, and this just cracks me up…when she has made a poop in her diaper, she crawls to the bathroom to let me know she wants it off her backside. That’s not where I change her but I guess she’s figured out that is where mommy and daddy go for that sort of thing.

Smart kid. 🙂

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