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7QT ~ {How Does Your Garden Grow?}


Things have been rather silent here the past week or so. Thought we should remedy that! Mostly, my mind has been on our yard, where I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time the past week or so…..

One) California has been experiencing a rather early Spring. The temperatures have been in the high 60s/low 70s during the daytime. Our yard hasn’t had much love since last Fall, so I’ve been spending some time outside each day attempting to clean things up. I’m nervous to plant anything just yet because we all know how fickle the weather can be this time of year. The last thing I would want is a snowfall on my newly-sown crop of green beans. For now, I’m scheming and planning what will go in the ground when I’m a tad more assured of a steady temperature.

Two) Where we planted squash and watermelons last year, I’m hoping to put in a cut-flower garden. However, I think I need to do some amendment on the soil. Has anyone run tests on their soil before? Is it easy?

Three) I planted a few herbs last year but want to add to the collection. I’m absolutely a fan of fresh herbs  to use in the kitchen and it gets rather expensive when you have to buy them weekly at the grocer. So far, I’m planning basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, and cilantro. Lavender will go in somewhere separately and we have a considerable growth of mint in the front yard. Any other suggestions?


Four) I have a strawberry patch in one of the raised beds. It needs some love and pruning. We had a considerable number last year for new plants. I’m hoping they do even better this year and I can can some jam.

Five) We have a formidable foe in the bird flocks that frequent our yard. I’m pretty sure they were the reason for a lack of sprouts among our corn, sunflowers, leeks and carrots last year. I’m planning on fighting back this year with some reflection tape placed on stakes throughout the yard. Maybe even a little “scarecrow” owl depending on how aggressive they are.

Six) We have an unusable fountain smack-dab in the center of the yard. I want to do something with it, especially the bottom portion as it fills with water which is dangerous for the children to be around and a lovely breeding ground for mosquitoes. It can’t drain so I can’t plant anything directly in it. I’m considering filling it with pebbles and, perhaps, a few pots with flowers. I’m nervous that it will still fill with water and overflow the pebbles.

Seven) We are in the midst of a crazy drought here in California so I’m brainstorming ideas to work with it. We also have very rocky, clay soil so for many things, it needs serious amendment. Our veggies didn’t do great in the ground last year because of this {and the crazy-persistent crab grass that kept pushing through}. I know things improve with each year but I’m determined to get a handle on the grass/weed problem beforehand. I’m planning to put some newspaper and mulch down to control things a bit. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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7 Thoughts on “7QT ~ {How Does Your Garden Grow?}

  1. Just curious but why cant you drain the fountain? It would be so cute it you could turn it into a little herb garden!! Can’t wait to see your garden this summer!

  2. I have to admit I’m a little jealous of your early spring. I’m so looking forward to starting my garden this year!
    My basil, parsley and rosemary did really well in our VA clay when I planted them 2 years ago.
    Could you just give away the fountain (I’m thinking free cycle or something where someone would just pick it up for you) or maybe a motor needs replacing? Anyway, best of luck! I always enjoy reading your blog!

    • Hi, Liz!

      The early spring weather has been nice, but we need water so desperately. I think I’d be willing to forgo it a little longer if we could just have some more rain. Otherwise, there won’t be sufficient water (or it will cost a mint) for a garden this year. But I can’t complain about the sunshine. I love it so! 😉

      The fountain is quite large and semi-cemented in the yard. (I should’ve posted a picture of it.) It’s in the middle of a retaining wall, so to take it out would require us to do more work than we can right now. I think I might drill a hole or two in the bottom and attempt to make an herb garden out of it like my SIL suggested in the previous comment. It has a few little niches that might be good for a statue of Mary too. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and reading along!

  3. I’ve been doing the same thing! My garden dreams get too big sometimes… poor Elliot is going to have a long project list 😉

    We’re planting herbs, too! Oregano and Dill are also right up there for me. Good for Italian, Greek and Argentine recipes. It’s been a while since I did cilantro… perhaps I’ll give it another shot!

    • Those are good too, Nancy! I think I’ll add them to the herb mix. Cilantro can be a beast sometimes. I find it needs sun but doesn’t like to be directly in it during the hottest part of the day. (That’s pretty much how I feel too, so I can’t blame it. ;))

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