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4 Months!

Wow, time is flying by! We visited a new series of our child birth classes last night to share our birth story. It seemed like just the other day that we were sitting there on the floor, preparing to meet our little one. Now, here we were with Evelyn giving her best smiles and happily chattering to the mommies and daddies present, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their firstborns.

early morning Mommy and me

We’ve reached the 4 month mark and there’s lots to tell! In fact, Evelyn likes to “tell” stories, interjected with high squeals she learned last week. It’s the beginning of her learning vocal inflections. She’s very excited about it!

interested Evey

squeals of delight!

She had her first completely unassisted roll-over from back to front as I was making dinner the other night (March 1st). I had laid her down on a blanket on her back near the kitchen to keep me company as I cooked dinner. As I was stirring something on the stovetop, she made her move and I turned around to find her on her stomach, looking up at me with a big grin on her face. We can’t stop her now! She’s attempting to twist and turn before I can even get her to the floor!

Evey rollover

Evey rollover success

…..AAAAND she’s trying to crawl!!! She scoots up onto her knees but usually ends up going backwards or sideways.

attempts at crawling

Daddy has to watch out for his glasses now as she has greatly perfected her gripping abilities. She’s best at grasping things between her hands. If we place an object near her, she brings her hands together and up to her mouth. Yup, things go right in the mouth! (Including thumbs and whole fists!)

yummy octopus

thumb chewing

both hands in mouth

And speaking of her mouth….she’s sprouted a tooth! (Same day as her roll-over. It was a big day of “firsts”! We had an accident in the bathtub that was a rather unpleasant “first” too. :-p) She’s been drooling quite a bit for the past month or so and gumming just about anything she can fit into her mouth. We had a feeling it was coming. It was very apparent as she was chewing on my finger that morning!


Trying to show off her tooth

She becomes increasingly interested in the world around her each day. The morning we went to the park, she loved watching the other children running around. She was fascinated watching me work the whisk in a bowl of waffle batter the other morning. She imitates Daddy as he makes faces at her, sticking out her tongue and making raspberries.

conversations with an octopus

standing and flying

She entertains herself in her exersaucer, turning and flicking at the toys.

flower power


exersaucer fun

Although that never lasts long, as she always prefers to have a person with her to play alongside. She’s definitely into socializing!

tongue games

fun with Anne Marie

fun with Emily

She’s interacting a bit with her cousins now, which is absolutely adorable.

Evelyn and Owen B&W

kisses for Owen

Evey and Rosie

She even loves to socialize with herself…the mirror provides hours of entertainment for her!

mirror conversations

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