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3 Weeks!

We have made it through 3 wonderful, although mostly sleepless, weeks with little Evey. In just 3 weeks, she’s developed and grown in great leaps and strides right before our very eyes.

On Thanksgiving morning, I laid her on her stomach for some tummy time and she decided she liked it better on her back. Yep, she’s already done her first roll-over. We have to keep an eye on that girl.

She’s very strong. She practices lifting her head every chance she can get. I caught her staring into Daddy’s eyes while lying on his chest the other day. We have to be on guard though because she also likes to throw her head into the side of yours, which can be rather painful for both parties.

We made an extra trip to the doctor this week because I was concerned about how her bellybutton was healing. Her cord fell off last Thursday, but it wasn’t drying out as quickly  as I thought it should. The doctor placed a bit of sodium nitrate inside which is supposed to desiccate it. While we were there, they took her measurements and she had gained a full pound since her visit the week before. Needless to say, she is a very healthy eater. 🙂

She’s beginning to focus and look more intently at things, especially our faces. I wish I knew what was going on inside her little brain. She seems to think very deeply about things.

One Thought on “3 Weeks!

  1. Patricia Obi on December 3, 2012 at 5:58 am said:


    Hello Muffs!

    I love your Christmas tree!! I enjoy reading your blog too-who needs Facebook!? 🙂

    Thinking of you this Advent and Christmas season and wishing you three nothing but good health and happiness.

    In Jesus through Mary,

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