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2 Months!

Goodness she grows in leaps and bounds!


Evelyn has discovered the wonderful world of color! She is able to spot the mobile above her bassinet and it gives her hours of pleasure every day.


She even spent some time with her cousin’s baby doll watching the mobile at Grandma’s the other day. (Her cousin, Rosie, insisted that her ‘baby’ join Evelyn in the Pack ‘n Play for the viewing. It was pretty cute.) 🙂

Mornin' Evelyn

Evelyn’s favorite time of day is first thing in the morning. She becomes a bundle of smiles, chatter, and even some laughter.


She’s starting to smile socially now and will respond to happy faces near hers. What a beautiful smile!!


Her hands are beginning to find their way into her mouth for a little self-soothing. She’s grabbing toys and sometimes navigating them towards her mouth. She loves grabbing Mommy’s hair and refusing to let go. She sweetly gives little pats on your back when she’s at your shoulder if she’s in a good mood….or more aggressive ones if she’s not.

Evey and Daddy at Christmas

We had a special treat with Daddy home for few extra days during the holidays. They spent quite a bit of quality time playing together.

Flying with Daddy

She loves to stand while he balances her, or fly high in the air. She also likes Daddy’s beard that is coming back in, scratching her head back and forth underneath his chin.

Hooray for sleep!

This is how she likes to sleep. (Hooray for sleep!)

What a blessing our little Evey is!

2 Thoughts on “2 Months!

  1. Catherine on January 8, 2013 at 10:04 pm said:

    She’s getting so big! I just love her beautiful smile 🙂 Miss you all!!!

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