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12 Weeks

Evelyn turned 12 weeks old this past Friday. (Does that make her 3 months? I’m waiting until the 9th of February for that because I’m not ready to say she’s that old just yet. ;))

happy Evey

happy Evey 2

Her personality is just blossoming! She loves to chat, tell long ‘stories’, and ‘sing’ songs.


talking to Daddy


Her cries are certainly distinguishable now. I can usually tell when she is hungry, angry, bored, hurt, etc. It is awesome how well she can communicate without saying a word!


Evelyn has very strong legs (we’re still betting on just which sport she will take up). But lately she’s been working on arm and core strength. When she’s propped up against a pillow, she will push herself up with her elbows in order to sit up. However, she doesn’t quite know how to stay up so we have to catch her or she face plants.

sitting up 1

sitting up 2

She’s also begun to roll over. The first time I saw her was last night; Stephen saw her first time a few nights prior. She really struggles to get over. In fact, she becomes really frustrated when she just can’t make it over. She will turn her face down towards to floor, twisting and twisting.


rolling over 2Sometimes it even brings her to tears.


One of her favorite games is to hide behind her blanket just so her eyes are peeking out to spy on you. And as Stephen said in an earlier post, PEEK-A-BOO! 🙂

hiding 3

hiding 2

hiding 1

She’s even soothed herself to sleep a few times while holding onto her blankie. (Hooray!)

sleepy time


2 Thoughts on “12 Weeks

  1. Patricia on February 5, 2013 at 12:51 pm said:

    Seeing Evelyn growing so quick is making me anxious
    to see Peter’s face and smell him, hold him!

    Ah! Great photos! My favorites are her crying trying to roll over
    and trying to prop herself up.

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